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Book Two
Finding Her Series


Will she let go and let life and love happen?

April Roberts described her life as a little complicated after becoming legal guardian to her younger siblings and balancing her career as an assistant in a consulting firm.

Add in getting dumped, drowning in the deep end of the dating pool, and working up the nerve to ask for a promotion, and… Okay, maybe complicated was an understatement.

At least she had Tuesdays.


The self-proclaimed control freak loved her elevator chats on Tuesday mornings with the handsome man on the tenth floor in her office building, Braeden Porter. What happens when an after-work trip to the grocery store ends with April crashing into him—literally?


Her pride crashed right along with dreams of the promotion after discovering that her boss wanted to hire him as a consultant, the position April desperately needed.

April went above and beyond to impress her boss to prove that she deserved the job, while failing miserably at not making a fool of herself in front of the man of her dreams. Little did she know, she may have been the perfect woman of his. 


April is in for a ride even she can’t control.

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