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A Look At Friendship From The Perspective of 8 Women

We've all heard the stereotypes that women can't get along and don't support each other. We've also all had some experiences that may seem to support that belief. However, this is not always the case. Your experiences with other women really depend on the type of women you allow into your circle and the type of woman that you are.

To have great friendships, you must first be a great friend. Everybody wants that friend whom they can depend on to keep all of their secrets and be a shoulder to cry on, but are you that woman?

Being able to connect with other women plays a major role in how we experience life. It allows us to:
Grow as women
Genuinely make exchanges of support, trust, and love with other women 
Face life's challenges with our friends

In this anthology, you will hear from women who have stories I’m sure you will relate to.


As they describe their journeys to creating genuine lasting friendships, you will find similarities to your own story or the stories of women you know. This book will inspire you and cause you to reflect, while motivating you to seek, nurture, and grow your relationships with other women.

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