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Everything's Perfectly Fine

A beautiful vow renewal weekend turns into chaos when this family gets together...

You are formally invited to the wedding vow renewal ceremony of the wealthy couple Barrett & Regina Jensen.

Regina planned a beautiful vow renewal weekend to get the family together after Barrett’s cancer scare, so what could possibly ruin it? The family, of course.

Living in different parts of the country, Alani, the baller’s wife, Gisele, the attorney, Lauren, the L.A. stylist, and Kai, the serial entrepreneur come home for their parents’ ceremony.

Always too busy with their careers, resentments, or simply avoiding each other to keep secrets, these siblings haven't all been in the same room together in five years.

Between the bickering, old flames resurfacing, and surprise guests, this wasn’t the weekend Regina hoped for, but it may be just what everyone needs.

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